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Aroya SOLUS Handheld Wireless WC/EC/Temp Spot Check Sensor Kit


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Aroya SOLUS Handheld Wireless WC/EC/Temp Spot Check Sensor 

High-precision analysis and insight for growers

Mine the insights buried in your substrate
The SOLUS Sensor Kit combines the industry’s top soil sensor with a wireless analysis powerhouse. Together with the free SOLUS by AROYA app, they enable high-precision water content, temperature and electrical conductivity spot checks.

The information SOLUS gathers helps growers maximize their substrate and unlock maximum yield potential.

Legendary sensor technology.
The product of more than 20 years of soil moisture research and technological refinement, the TEROS 12 sensor is trusted by scientists, farmers and cannabis growers alike.

The TEROS 12’s ruggedized body lasts ten years or more. Its stainless steel sensor needles slide easily into any substrate. It even ships with a free reusable sensor installation tool to help growers align the sensor perfectly for consistent, accurate measurements.

Wireless and seamless.
The ZSC Bluetooth dongle syncs readings and insights effortlessly to the SOLUS app on any iOS or Android smartphone. Simply align the sensor, slide it in, and push a single button. All it takes is two AA batteries.

SOLUS is only the beginning
SOLUS is just one tool in the ever-evolving suite of AROYA sensors. See them all at AROYA.io.


  • Quick and easy WC, EC, and temp spot-checks
  • Secure – won’t store data or monitor measurements over time
  • Wirelessly pairs with any iOS or Android mobile device using Bluetooth
  • Easy insertion with the installation tool
  • Steel needles cut through the soil for better soil-sensor contact
  • Robust, epoxy body for tough field conditions
  • Dependable, long-life sensor
  • Large volume of influence
  • Ferrite core eliminates cable noise

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