WET-150 VWC/ECp Sensor


The new digital multi-parameter WET150 soil sensor represents the culmination of forty years research and development at Delta-T Devices. Through a number of key design innovations it delivers research-grade accuracy and build quality at a price point not previously thought possible. It is the ideal sensor for research of soil conditions – and for integration into SDI-12 environmental and horticultural measurement/control systems.

  • NEW lower cost research-grade multi-parameter sensor
  • Measures moisture, temperature and EC
  • Digital SDI-12 for easy system integration
  • Rugged, buriable and low power
  • Accurate monitoring of growing conditions
  • Detachable and extendable cable system
  • 5 year warranty


    The WET150 Sensor comes complete with calibrations for mineral and organic soils plus perlite, coir, peat, and mineral wool substrates soils.

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15ft, 30ft, 45ft, 60ft


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