PowerSi Granular


  • Strengthens cell walls
  • increase plant vigor
  • Increase lateral branching
  • Decreased internode spacing
  • Increase movement of slow-moving minerals
  • Improves overall nutrient availability in the soil
  • Thicker stems and stalks
  • Healthier stronger plants will have higher yields and better quality
  • Increase Brix levels
  • Reclaims exhausted soils for sustainable farming
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Power Si Granular is the only, first of its kind slow-release granular formula containing stabilized orthosilicic acid, fulvic acid, and other proprietary ingredients.  This combination plays a key role in releasing locked-up nutrients from the soil.  Power Si Granular provides a stable matrix to keep silicic acid in an active state, which is available to the plants for an extended period (up to 30 days after application).

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