PC850 Portable pH/Conductivity Meter Kit


Apera Instruments Value Series PC850 Portable pH/Conductivity Meter Kit is designed for professional pH and conductivity measurement in the field with a variety of practical functions and features in a rugged structure. Up to three electrodes can be connected to the meter simultaneously for the measurement of multiple parameters, including pH, conductivity, TDS, temperature, and ORP.

ORP measurement is available in mV mode with an ORP probe connected (model 301Pt-C, sold separately).

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easy Calibration

Quick and easy 1- to 3-point auto. calibration, recognizing pH standards of 1. 68, 4. 00, 7. 00, 10. 01, and 12. 45; conductivity standards of 1413 µS, 12. 88 mS, 84 µS, and 111. 8 mS.

The slope data will be displayed after completing 2nd and 3rd point calibration, indicating the condition of your pH electrode. The self-diagnosis function ensures calibration will be properly performed.

Easy Parameter Setup

Auto. lock and auto. power off function available.

pH standard series, pH resolution, stability criteria, temperature unit, conductivity cell constant, reference temperature, and temperature compensation coefficient are all customizable. TDS conversion factor can be set from 0.40 to 1.00.


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