Apogee SI-4H1-SS: Research-Grade SDI-12 Digital Output Horizontal Field of View Infrared Radiometer Sensor


The SI-4H1 has an SDI-12 digital output and high-quality cable terminating in pre-tinned pigtail leads for easy connection to dataloggers and controllers.

The unique geometry of the sensor gives a wide 32° half-angle field of view in the horizontal direction with a 13° half-angle field of view in the vertical direction. This enables the user to mount the sensor at shallower angles without seeing above the horizon while maximizing the area measured. The sensor has a response time of 0.1 seconds. Typical applications include plant canopy temperature measurement for use in plant water status estimation, road surface temperature measurement of determination of icing conditions, and terrestrial surface (soil, vegetation, water, snow) temperature measurement in energy balance studies. Sensor includes IP68 marine-grade stainless-steel cable connector 30 cm from head to simplify sensor removal and replacement for maintenance and recalibration.

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Tinned Wire Leads, 3.5mm Male TRS (Stereo Plug)


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