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  1. The lights I use now have 365nm UVA in them and in my own experience, they do seem to help with trichome/cannabinoid development. Take this with a grain of salt though because I wasn't able to do a direct a-b comparison, just my findings with the same strain and it's known structure under LED with no UV. I had a look at those SolaCure UVB bulbs. IMO they may not be worth the cost for a home grower. They state on their site that the lifespan is from 600-1200 hours, which in a grow environment would last somewhere between 2 and 6 months depending on how early into flower you turn them on. The DIY LED option is probably the best bet for testing things out, I know MarkTech makes a 310nm and Luminus Devices have a 275nm, however I haven't used them personally and haven't seen any documented grow journals with them in it. You're right, I wish there was more information out there specific to UV and cannabis. In the meantime if you haven't already, give the Apogee Instruments YT channel a look. Dr Bruce Bugbee states that 350-400nm UV is a high driver of photosynthesis as well as cannabinoid production. I'm hoping they update soon with more findings on UV-A/B. Good luck with the Exo Terra in the meantime, let us know if you find anything interesting.
  2. RapidLED has a UV-A booster board for a decent price, as well as individual diodes if you want to DIY. Another youtuber, JustinTime2Grow uses it and an Emerson version and sings their praise. I have UV in my lights but no experience with add on boards for an A-B comparison so ymmv. https://rapidled.com/products/violit-uva-supplement-booster-board Cheers
  3. 200watts in 9sqft is plenty for veg. You won't have any issues vegging with that light. In my 2x4 veg tent I run 2 40w HLG bars and a 260watt HLG QBs turned down to 50w, and hung high.
  4. What are your top DWC specific tips you would give to someone new to hydro? I'm gearing up for my next run, and will be switching from soil to DWC for the first time with 6 plants in bubble buckets. I have all the gear I need to swap over once my latest soil round is over, including air pumps/stones and a submersible pump for water changes. For reference, I'm currently flowering in 2 2x4 tents in a Canadian garage, with LEDs, so my ambient temps stay fairly low. I'm pulling air in from the garage, through my veg tent and into the 2 flower tents, then immediately exhausting outside. Once it's ready to go, I'll start up a grow journal here to track my success and failures to share the knowledge.
  5. I have 2 layers of scrog netting in my tents and for both layers I spaced them 3.5". I find it's a good size as a 5inch net I had seemed a bit too wide. Also, the 3.5" fit perfectly on the frame I had built, so your mileage may vary. I can see the upper layer being fine with larger spacing as you're just holding up the tops, but with more squares, you have more options for keeping colas away from each other if they're touching. You'll also want to keep in mind the elasticity of whatever material you're using.
  6. Hi everyone! My name is Mathew Duke on YouTube and I go by bolognasilencer on insta. I'm the son of a cannabis farmer up here on the Atlantic coast of Canada. I've been consuming cannabis in various forms for the past 25 of my 37 years. I began using cannabis medically in 2007 after a bad car accident left me with several broken bones and a limp. I started making extracts in 2011 using butane and propane, with several vacuum chambers and a vac-oven. Recently I sold all my gear and have switched my process to 100% hydrocarbon solvent free. I started my own personal growing journey in soil 2017 and have been making solventless flower rosin with a 10ton press, and will be utilizing a new set of Rosin Evolution bags on my next harvest for some full plant hash rosin. The next part of my journey is dipping my toes into hydro with DWC. I've only every grown in soil so I may have a question or two but I'll for sure post my progress up here!

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