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  1. Welcome, that roz looks nice 👌
  2. Hey all hope you all are doing well i have added a live chat to the forums and also blogs there are also loads of other features like status updates. if you come over any bugs drop me a message. Merry Christmas all and happy holidays @Goatboy
  3. Goatboy

    Pre Xmas press

    Just a we 300gram pre Xmas press. need some of that sweet wake up dab to help with Xmas. we call the strain TenDay it is a a strong lemon with a hint of apple flavour. was pressed in 37micron bags from roz and a temp of around 190f
  4. Chat room should now be love i forgot to add it in lol 😛
  5. Can’t wait to give this strain a wash it runs like a mother fucker in flower. The hit from it is crazy nice up high that keeps you cranking for hours it’s like a lemon went boom in your mouth. Was pressed at around 200f in 37 micron bag
  6. Hey all i am Goatboy. I am @SBNV internet guru or his supreme overload lol A little about me, i am from New Zealand what is the ass hole of the world. I am a second gen grower and found vape about 3-4 years ago on YouTube. I have been pressing for about 3 years maybe longer and will never go back to smoking flower. If there is anything you need help with on the forums then hit me up.
  7. I can setup blogs so you are able to use it like you would IG if this is something you would like vote 🙂

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