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  1. Sorry - I will edit the settings to allow users to edit their posts. As for the plants - you have a pretty big VPD swing with those temps and RH numbers; that could be affecting uptake. Also it definitely looks like some N toxicity with the tips curled down. Check mulders chart for how excess N affects the rest, but it will essentially cause a lockout. Definitely recommend a flush and then go in lower on the N. Try to get the environment more stable, and it should clear up.
  2. SBNV

    That Goat

    Hahahha Supreme overlord goat!! For real man I wouldn't be where I am without your help dude. I appreciate you big time dude. This place is going to be dope
  3. Glad to have you & looking forward to helping in any way I can.
  4. New or old we all have so much left to learn about growing and processing. I look forward to helping you cut some corners and fast track your path to success!
  5. Hell yeah my man Quantum! Thank you for being apart of this empire im building. You're a true craft cultivator and I look forward to learning as much as I can from you my dude!
  6. Welcome to the SBNV Forums! I'm super stoked to have you here and look forward to building this community with you! There will be a lot of solid information available for new growers and hashers on this forum. We're just getting started!
  7. Welcome to the SBNV Forums! I'm super stoked to have you here and look forward to building this community with you!
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Anthony - I go by SBNV. I've been growing and processing since 2015 as a means to cope with my own medical conditions after leaving the military. I have experience with low pressure and high pressure aeroponics, deep water culture, recirculating deep water culture, ebb and flow, and rockwool. I have also tested a small super soil grow using subcools latest recipe. I specialize in high yielding, high quality craft growing and solvent-free extraction and processing. I currently am researching the effects of spectrum and intensity on yield, cannabinoid production and terpene expression using the powerful ScynceLED lights. I would consider myself an advanced grower with a lot left to learn, but I know more than the average grower. Forever learning, forever teaching!
  9. SBNV


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